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“The Candidate” Anti-Muslim Novel By Mr. Tagesschau aka Constantin Schreiber

Social achievements including diversity, feminism and environmental awareness are declared the “new fascism” in journalist Constantin Schreiber’s new novel, Die Kandidatin (The Candidate). The novel flirts with racism and focuses on a German state threatened by Islamisation. The Tagesschau newsreader continues to be in demand as an “expert on Islam”.


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Belltower.News in English

Belltower News is a journalistic platform focussing on far-right extremism, right-wing populism, as well as forms of prejudice, discrimination and hate, such as racism, antisemitism, Islamophobia, antiziganism, homophobia and sexism. Unfortunately for our English-speaking readers, most of our articles are in German  but we're working on expanding our English-language content, especially when it comes to topics important within a European context. You can find a selection of our articles translated into English on this page.

Every day, we publish new analyses, interviews and articles, and also compile a daily review of the German press (only available in German). Our focus is on: far-right extremism, right-wing populism, symbols, codes and narratives, xenophobia, internet and hate speech, far-right lifestyle, tips and strategies, debate and commentary (texts in German).

At the moment, we're particularly interested in (and alarmed at) the Identitarian Movement, the so-called New Right, the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland), monitoring far-right activities on social media and on the internet, gender and the far-right, the far-right music scene, the connections between the far-right, hooligans and martial arts, and far-right terrorism.

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Far-right terrorism

Ezra Waxman is one of 43 co-plaintiffs in the trial against the far-right Halle-attacker.

Halle Trial “We are an incredibly resilient people”


Trial Against Far-Right Halle Shooter Half-Hearted at Half-Time


Far-right extremism

Racism, Antisemitism, Islamophobia

20210614_BDS Liste

Israel Boycott BDS-List Targets “pro-Zionist” Cultural Institutions


EU-Elections 2019

Dänemark EU

Far right parties in Denmark


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