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Antisemitism online Enough is enough!

On 23 September 1991, an asylum seeker looks out a broken window at the residence for asylum applicants in Hoyerswerda in the German state of Saxony.

Hoyerswerda 30 Years Ago A City Primed for a Pogrom


Belltower.News in English

Belltower News is a journalistic platform focussing on far-right extremism, right-wing populism, as well as forms of prejudice, discrimination and hate, such as racism, antisemitism, Islamophobia, antiziganism, homophobia and sexism. Unfortunately for our English-speaking readers, most of our articles are in German  but we're working on expanding our English-language content, especially when it comes to topics important within a European context. You can find a selection of our articles translated into English on this page.

Every day, we publish new analyses, interviews and articles, and also compile a daily review of the German press (only available in German). Our focus is on: far-right extremism, right-wing populism, symbols, codes and narratives, xenophobia, internet and hate speech, far-right lifestyle, tips and strategies, debate and commentary (texts in German).

At the moment, we're particularly interested in (and alarmed at) the Identitarian Movement, the so-called New Right, the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland), monitoring far-right activities on social media and on the internet, gender and the far-right, the far-right music scene, the connections between the far-right, hooligans and martial arts, and far-right terrorism.

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Far-right terrorism

Ezra Waxman is one of 43 co-plaintiffs in the trial against the far-right Halle-attacker.

Halle Trial “We are an incredibly resilient people”


Trial Against Far-Right Halle Shooter Half-Hearted at Half-Time


Far-right extremism

Der III. Weg, in their own words: "Nationalist, revolutionary, socialist".

Der III. Weg The Wannabe Nazi Elite

Newcastle, 2015: Members of National Action at a far-right "White Man March" showing the Hitler salute

Fascism in the UK From Satanic Paedophile Cults to Baking Competitions


“The Candidate” Anti-Muslim Novel By Mr. Tagesschau aka Constantin Schreiber


Racism, Antisemitism, Islamophobia

"Boycott Apartheid Israel": BDS supporters at a "pro-Palestine" demo in Paris in May 2021.

Interview on BDS “The campaign is antisemitic to the core”


EU-Elections 2019

Dänemark EU

Far right parties in Denmark


www.belltower.news  Network for Digital Civil Society is a non-profit website founded and operated by the Amadeu Antonio Foundation. We are a Berlin-based NGO that works across Germany on combating right-wing extremism and right-wing populism, racism, antisemitism, Islamophobia, antiziganism and hatred against refugees. Our strategy is to support victims of far-right and racist violence, as well as build networks of committed people working to strenghten democracy und human rights. The Amadeu Antonio Foundation's goal is to reinforce a democratic civil society that promotes pluralism and human rights while opposing right-wing extremism, racism and antisemitism.
You can read more about the Amadeu Antonio Foundation here: https://www.amadeu-antonio-stiftung.de/en/

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