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Lexikon: Discrimination

Articles on discrimination.

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Goynormativity A New Approach to Antisemitism

In their book Goynormativity (Gojnormativität), Vivien Laumann and Judith Coffey define and criticise the non-Jewish norm in order to better…


Antisemitism online Enough is enough!

Despite ten years of staggered attempts by social media companies to regulate and moderate hate speech, we find that antisemitism…


“The Candidate” Anti-Muslim Novel By Mr. Tagesschau aka Constantin Schreiber

Social achievements including diversity, feminism and environmental awareness are declared the “new fascism” in journalist Constantin Schreiber’s new novel, Die Kandidatin (The Candidate). The novel flirts with racism and focuses on a German state threatened by Islamisation. The Tagesschau newsreader continues to be in demand as an “expert on Islam”.

"Boycott Apartheid Israel": BDS supporters at a "pro-Palestine" demo in Paris in May 2021.

Interview on BDS “The campaign is antisemitic to the core”

The vague demands of the anti-Israel BDS movement sound well-meaning and humanitarian. In his book The Israel Boycott Movement: Old Hate in a New Guise, however, Alex Feuerherdt shows that the campaign ultimately demonises and delegitimises the Jewish state – making it antisemitic. An interview.

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