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Victims need help Donate for the bereaved and survivors of the racist attack in Hanau on February 19

(Quelle: KA)

The assassination attempt in Hanau is a continuity of racist violence and right-wing terrorism in Hesse and nationwide. This violence happens in the middle of our society. We are all now asked to support the bereaved and injured and thus to recognize their suffering.

Many people have shown their grief, horror, anger and solidarity: at rallies and demonstrations in many cities, at events or on social media. This diversity of solidarity is an important sign of sympathy for the bereaved and for all those affected by racism and right-wing terrorism. Now the bereaved families and the local support networks need practical material and financial solidarity in order to even come close to coping with the economic consequences of the racist attack.

With your donation you make an important contribution to urgently needed emergency aid, for example for funeral services, acute care and immediate financial damage. And for long-term support for those affected and their survivors. For parents and siblings, for children and friends, there was a life before this day – and there must be a life afterwards.

The Anne Frank Educational Center, the association of counseling centers for victims of right-wing, racist and anti-Semitic violence, the February 19 Initiative Hanau, the Central Council of German Sinti & Roma and the Amadeu Antonio Foundation jointly call for donations.

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